Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 specifications difference

Which should one you buy Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5  -

Microsoft Xbox Series X specification

Sony PlayStation 5 specification

Difference between XBOX series X and PlayStation 5

Which should buy Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5  difference

Which should buy Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5  difference

  1. PlayStation 5 has 36 CUs at 2.23GHz .
     Xbox Series X has 52 CUs at 1.825GHz.

2. Sony’s SSD can handle 5.5GB per second.
     Xbox Series X can handle 2.4 GB per

3.  Sony has more exclusive games as
     compare with Xbox Series X .
     like - God of war,last of us , Spiderman

4.  Sony has 16GB GDDR6 (256 bit) RAM .
      Xbox Series X has 16GB GDDR6.

5.  PS5 has 825GB internal storage.
      Xbox Series X has 1TB internal storage.

 6. Sony’s, as well as Microsoft’s next-gen consoles will bring massive modifications to graphics, performance, and audio compared to what previously seen in PS4/PS4 Pro and Xbox One/Xbox One X. 

looking at both consoles side-by-side, it’s not possible to get an idea of which one has the upper hand. But right now, when it comes to rolling out specifications about next-gen consoles, it seems Microsoft is leading the charge against its competitor Sony.

Then it's your choice which should buy NextGen console.


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